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Oil Paintings | South Florida Series II



1990,  48" X 48",  Oil on Canvas,  Catalogue# O3100

Hollywood Beach and its boardwalk were popular with locals and seasonal visitors.



1990,  24" X 36",  Oil on Canvas,  Catalogue# O3200

The area between the beach and the Intercoastal has retained many fine examples of Art Deco architecture such as the building in the painting.



1982,  18" X 24",  Oil on Canvas,  Catalogue# O3300

The painting is technically interesting from a couple of aspects. For one, the Everglades water is a peculiar gold-brown to brown in color; a color difficult to mix on the palette. The reflection was painted first and allowed to thoroughly dry. The water was then developed with several coats of glaze.

As well, the painting is a study in perspective. Note how the sides of the pier and the tops of the clouds converge to draw the eye to the figure.

Some viewers insist the man is not fishing but voiding. As with any work of art, the interpretation is left to the viewer.

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