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1967,  24" X 48",  Oil on Canvas,  Catalogue# O1100

The painting was inspired by a picture in a Canadian rum advertisement.



1970,  18" X 24",  Oil on Canvas,  Catalogue# O1200

St. Paul's was a Jesuit undergraduate, liberal arts institution, one of several University of Manitoba colleges. St. Paul's students received a bachelor's degree in three years. In Canada, high school students aspiring for a higher education were required to take an additional year, Grade 13 before graduating.



1969,  36"X 48",  Oil on Canvas,  Catalogue# O1300

The painting was inspired by the exhibit at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum. Case, the manufacturer, provided specifications, schematics, and even a decal from their archives. The tractor is technically accurate down to the number of rivets and spokes in the wheels.



1969,  24" X 36",  Oil on Canvasboard,  Catalogue# O1400

A mixed-breed dog, he was painted alla prima in less than five minutes. Of course there was considerable post-session "tweaking". Alla prima is the technique of choice when painting wriggly puppies and babies from life.

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