About Mark Stewart
Mark R. Stewart (1933-2014)

    Mark Stewart was born in Dorchester County, MD, was a member of the Cambridge High School Class of 1951, graduated from the Maryland Art Institute, studied Native American anthropology at Indiana University and has lived in Wyoming for many years.

     He does representational paintings, mostly acrylic on wood panels, and cast bronze sculptures, with Native American or Western themes.  He is recognized as an important American West artist comparable to Frederick Remington. 

     He and his wife lived outside of DuBois, WY where they had a Western/Native American store  that sells his art and many other authentic American West artifacts.


His paintings range from Native American portraits to historic scenes.  The sculpture is similarly eclectic.

Journey Into Manifest Destiny

Trouble at the Line Camp

High Country Bull


Summoning the Great Spirit

Trap Line


     And many, many more. 

Stewart's Trapline Gallery
P.O. Box 823
120 E. Ramshorn Street
Dubois, WY 82513

Telephone:  (307) 455- 2800

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