About Hopper
Edward Hopper (1882 - 1967).
    An American representational painter, Hopper was a prominent member of the ashcan school (movement).  Ashcan paintings were realistic and unglamorized, they represented life as it was.  The founder of the movement, Robert Henri, described ashcan as, "not art for art's sake but art for life's sake". 

     Hopper painted many big city street scenes at night.  In fact his best known work is Nighthawks, which like all of his paintings speaks for itself.

     Toward the end of his life, Hopper fell from prominence because his work was not compatible with the rise of the abstract expressionism movement in the 1960's.  He has been rediscovered and recognized as one of America's important artists.

     He is a particular favorite of Dr. Brown.



Nighthawks. 1942, 33" X 60", oil on canvas

Drug Store. 1927, 29" X 40", oil on canvas


     Hopper painted restaurant scenes:

Automat.  1927, 16" X 21", oil on canvas

Chop Suey. 1929, 28" X 36", oil on canvas

He painted nudes :

A Woman in the Sun.  1961, 40" X 60", oil on canvas


Morning in a City1944, 24" X 31", oil on canvas


Outdoor Scenes:

Yawl Riding a Swell, 1935, 20" X 28", watercolor on graphite

House by the Railroad, 1925, 24" X 29", oil on canvas



Second Story Sunlight.  1960, 40" X 50", oil on canvas

Gas Station, 1940, 20" X 40", oil on canvas

And many, many more than there's room for here.

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