About Eakins
About Eakins

Thomas Eakins (1844-1916)

Thomas Eakins, an American realist painter, photographer and sculptor, was born in Philadelphia and remained there most of his career.   It seems his preferred subjects were medical situations and male nudes but he employed a wide diversity of themes.  His works include formal portraits and cowboys, action figures and sports ranging from sculls to baseball.   Most of his paintings are oils but it is clear he mastered watercolor.




The Gross Clinic.  1875, 78" X 96", oil on canvas



Swimming Hole.  1885, 27" X 36", oil on canvas

Negro Boy Dancing.  1879, 18" X 22", watercolor on paper

Between Rounds.  1898. 40" X 50", oil on canvas.  Said to be a self-portrait.


Cowboy Singing. 1890, 20" X 24", watercolor on paper

The Agnew Clinic.  1889, 84" X 110", oil on canvas


Mending The Net.  1881, 32" X  45", oil on canvas

John Biglin in a Single Scull.  1873, 19" X 24", watercolor on paper


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