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About the Art

     Many artists regard their work as a means for expressing an "inner-self".  They use art to make statements about their perception of reality as opposed to using art as an aesthetic expression.  Examples range from the Cubist Pablo Picasso's poignant Guernica reflecting his anguish for the Spanish Civil War to the minimal and repetitive Campbell Soup paintings of Pop Artist Andy Warhol expressing the banality of contemporary Western civilization.  Such paintings are considered "serious" art.

     Dr. Brown's art is less expressive, being more in the aesthetic and "non-serious" mode.  While his art is representational it is not photo-realistic.  He will sacrifice exact graphic reproduction to the use of color and form for the creation of mood and beauty.      Dr. Brown's paintings will frequently contain a whimsical aspect.  For example, he has always been an admirer of cartoon art and incorporates some of its techniques in his paintings.  He will occasionally paint human faces and animal figures as cartoon-like images.

      He is also fond of parody and will now-and-then make good-natured fun of a "serious" work.  Dr. Brown has a subtle sense of humor so the viewer of his paintings has to be alert.  There can be anything from visual puns to "hidden Mickeys" (fans of the Mouse know what those are).

      He asks that the viewer please not consider most of his art in any way "serious".   It will be easy to spot the few exceptions.


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