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Self Portrait Watercolor
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View all 37 original Mount Dora paintings at local venues including the Mount Dora Public Library and Simpson Farmhouse Annex, City Hall, and the Mount Dora Community Center.
Today's Mount Dora


2010, 24" X 36", Oil on Gessoed Masonite, Catalogue# OMDR8800

"...As American as apple pie...", virtually every U. S. community has a baseball diamond. Mount Dora has several diamonds of which Heim Field, depicted above, is home for the Mount Dora High School "Hurricanes" baseball team. As well, many other teams from little league to senior play there. It has lights for night games.

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  • See About Dr. Brown for news regarding the recent astonishing discovery of one of his earliest paintings!
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    December 2017


    Now the home of the Mount Dora Chamber of Commerce, the depot was once the hub of town activity as trains brought in everything from the daily news to guests for the Lakeside Inn just across the tracks. Trains still run for recreational activities such as sight-seeing, dinner-on-the-diner and excursions to Orlando for special events.

    1995, 9" X 12", Hot-Pressed Paper, Catalogue# WMD8700
    Part of the Mount Dora Series gallery.

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