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Self Portrait Watercolor
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View all 37 original Mount Dora paintings at local venues including the Mount Dora Public Library and Simpson Farmhouse Annex, City Hall, and the Mount Dora Community Center.
Today's Mount Dora


2011, 24" X 30", Oil on Gessoed Masonite, Catalogue# OMDR9900

There are three railroad bridges in Mount Dora. The one depicted in this painting is the only one that still supports regular traffic. The other two, the Chautauqua Bridge seen in the painting immediately above this one and the Tremain Street Bridge seen in the Mount Dora Watercolors are used minimally or not at all. The painting, in common with the City Limit Sign watercolor, also illustrates the hilled landscape that characterizes central Florida's lake district. Mount Dora is about 160 feet above sea level.

View this and more in the Mount Dora Redux gallery.

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  • See About Dr. Brown for news regarding the recent astonishing discovery of one of his earliest paintings!
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    July 2017


    Cambridge Creek, an off-shoot of the Choptank River, was the hub of the seafood industry. It's shores were lined with crab and oyster packing houses, shipyards and related facilities. The Creek was home port to the fishing boats which were almost all sail powered. The Creek divided the town into East and West Cambridge, the two connected by a bridge. Today, the Creek shores are lined with condominiums. A. Aubrey Bodine's photo is a "classic".

    2008, 24" X 36", Oil on Gessoed Plywood, Catalogue# OCS71000
    Part of the Cambridge Series gallery.

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